Thursday, April 8

Calling Nurse Jackie (fans)!

Is anyone else loving "Nurse Jackie"?

Because if you watch it, then you already love it. I LOVE THIS SHOW. But I am so worried the show's not gonna make it. First of all -- no one ever talks about it. I can't believe I'm the only one watching this show -- it's fantastic! Sometimes a little nutty, but SOOOO good!

Plus, I barely realized that Season 2 was even underway! I accidentally found out it was coming back when I happened to be watching the season finale for "Secret Diary" (and that's another thing I've got an issue with... what's up with the really short seasons?!)

I only ever seem to notice it's on when I'm scrolling through On Demand really late at night looking for stuff to watch!

OK... so... I've got plenty to talk about.

+ What the heck happened between last season & this season?! I thought she OD'd in the season finale! So when the first season starts and she's at the boardwalk with her family, I thought she was in some drugged up haze!

+ How long is this Eddie thing gonna go on for?! I don't like that he's toying with Kevin by showing up at the bar and acting like they're best buddies. It leaves a sick feeling in my stomach. Why hasn't Eddie busted her already??

I wish Dr. O'Hara were my rich best friend. Plus, she's handy in the event of a medical emergency.+ What's the deal with Dr. O'Hara's relationship with her mom? Her mom died and left her a pile of money? Did I miss all that? What about her sister, didn't she inherit anything? Why does she let Jackie get away with (and help!) all this nonsense?

+ And the thing that always keeps me on edge... Jackie is gonna get busted one of these days. You know it's gonna happen, it's just a matter of when.

+ I guess the heavy stress of knowing it's gonna happen is probably exactly how her daughter Grace is so unhappy all the time -- by the way, that kid is one incredible actress. She is so believable, and I am so frustrated for her.

OK... so what thinks ye? Please tell me someone out there is also watching Nurse Jackie!

I love you Peter Facinelli.  You are no Ben Affleck, but you'll do.And if you don't watch, you must! They're only half-hour episodes, and aside from the weirdness of Edie Falco and the husband who seems younger (I guess I keep thinking she is Carmela Soprano, and imagine her with an older guy. I try to think being a drug-using nurse has made her look worn-out) -- well aside from that, you too will love it!!

Oh, and also -- Peter Facinelli is hot.


  1. Yeah, I've got plenty to talk about, too:

    How stupid did the "Dallas" writers think we were when they tried to pass off Season 7 as Pam’s dream?

    What made Donna Reed ever think she could fill the shoes of Barbara Bel Geddes?

    Did “Dallas” jump the shark after JR was shot?

    Why couldn’t Jock have stayed in the show, a la “Weekend At Bernies”?

  2. This show is AMAZING. My friend actually lives with Arjun Gupta (who plays Sam) in Brooklyn, but that's not the point.

    I'm just waiting for Jackie to get caught, but I'd almost rather her just get caught for the drugs, not the cheating. She SEEMS to have learned her lesson on that one. I guess we'll see.

  3. I've only seen parts of the first season but I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! I think it doesn't get talked about a lot because its not on mainstream television. I'm not sure. But I can't wait to buy them all on DVD to share with friends. I hope this show goes on for awhile!