Monday, February 22

SHUTTER ISLAND. No Spoiler Alerts here (insert evil laugh)

Click here if you WANT this movie to be ruined for you too.I'm not a fan of Scorcese. Not so much a fan of DiCrapio. And therefore, not a fan of any of their collaborations.

However, I do love a clever thriller, and so I was actually looking forward to seeing Shutter Island. I was looking forward to the "clever twists" and "surprise ending" that everyone's been raving about.

Except I screwed up.

I wanted to see a trailer that wasn't so vague, or maybe even a short blurb about what the movie was about.

But I chose to click on the Wikipedia entry for Shutter Island, and basically by the second sentence under the section marked "PLOT" -- walked right into the hugest spoiler ever.

Like an "I see Dead People" level of spoiler.

Uh, hello! What happened to the generous use of the phrase "SPOILER ALERT"?! Grrr.

So basically, the excitement I had over being taken through twists & turns and the big Ta Da reveal at the end.... Yeah, it's SO not gonna happen now.

So let me ruin it for YOU too:

At the end, not only will DiCrapio's character find out that Martin Scorcese is his actual father, it will also turn out to be a dream, and that yes, he also sees dead people. And it will also turn out that DiCrapio is Keyser Soze... when he's not dressing up pretending to be his own dead mother who sits in silhouette in a window. But we'll finally know for sure who killed J.R. Ewing. And Laura Palmer.

I couldn't.  Sorry, I couldn't ruin it for you.  I suck.

The butler did it. Naturally.

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