Wednesday, February 17

"Enlarged to show texture" ?

Eatin' breakfast when the front of the cereal box catches my eye.

"Enlarged to show texture".

What the heck does that mean?

I never recall opening a cereal box, pouring some out, and then screaming, "WHAT THE...?! LOOK AT THIS TEXTURE!! WHAT FALSE ADVERTISING! This was not the texture I expected from this brand of cereal!! I feel violated. [Insert Frown]"

Seriously, who's the knucklehead that called the cereal guys up and complained about this? Imagine that call: "You people better put a disclaimer or something on your packaging? Coz this texture was not at all what my mouth was expecting!"

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  1. Hahahaha! If there wasn't any mention of it being enlarged, you might be (justifiably?) upset that your flakes and bunches were so much smaller than they appear on the package. (Never mind the GIANT spoon!) I guess it would be weird if they just put, "Enlarged" next to the photo?

    It's probably my fault. In my youth, I wrote them a letter complaining about the ratio of honey bunches to flakes. The name of the product is "Honey Bunches of Oats," not "Cornflakes with a few Honey Bunches of Oats!" They never did change the name, but maybe they're more careful to disclaim everything else on their packaging now. :-P