Friday, January 15

Veruca Salt ain't so bad looking in her old age

Watched a little "Willie Wonka" at New Year's... wayyy more wacky when drunk, I can assure you.

So I guess it's the original film's like 40th anniv or something, so CNN posted a "Where Are They Now" pic of the kids from the movie.

"From left to right:
Michael Bollner, or Augustus Gloop, is a tax attorney in Munich.
Denise Nickerson, or Violet Beauregarde, went on to play a role in Dark Shadows before leaving the biz and becoming an accountant at an engineering plant.
Paris Themmen, or Mike Teevee, has down a slew of things including commercial casting agent, Disney Imagineer, real estate agent, and autographs-for-sale website owner.
Julie Dawn Cole, or Veruca Salt, has "a successful career in theater, television, and fitness."
And finally, Peter Ostrum, or Charlie Buckett. Yes, that's him with the 'stache. He's a large animal vet in upstate New York. "

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  1. There's a big 30 on the cake. So, I guessing it was the 30th anniversary. :)