Wednesday, January 13

"High School Reunion" is BACK!!!!

I don't know if last season's cast can be outdone... imagine finding out your high school crush is now a ... PROSTITUTE!!!!I have one guilty pleasure that I am proud to share with you all.... TV Land's reality show confection known as High School Reunion.

I have gleefully and shamelessly followed this show for all five seasons (even when it failed mercilessly on The WB back in the day). I like to think of it as the seedy underside of a John Hughes epilogue. Like, if they went back to school on Monday after Saturday detention, and then we fast-forwarded twenty years... this is what we would get out of what was once our beloved Breakfast Club. Molly Ringwald's Princess is a twice-divorced "milf" selling real-estate in Scottsdale; The Brain owns an office supply empire; and maybe The Basketcase wears tropical print dresses in her happy life as a soccer mom.

Yes, I often wondered what happened next if any of my favorite teen movies had a Where Are They Now follow-up. Would Jake Ryan have gone back to that bitch Caroline with the screwed-up hair, and on Samantha Baker's 17th birthday she herself landed a new-style American girlfriend? Who knows.

And that is exactly what High School Reunion is. It's not your high school reunion. I don't even know if I would go as far as to say it's a "real" high school reunion. But the BEST part about this show, it never pretends that it's not a reality show. It damn well knows it, and it's freaking proud.

Here's highlights from the upcoming season...

A High School Like No Other - The Chaparral Class of '89 goes from Vegas, baby, to romantic Hawaii to make new memories. Their rivalries reawaken -- and so do the flames of romance. --- um yeah, I SOO did NOT write that.

My feelings have never changed about this show.  My strong feelings of its saccharine awesomeness.

WHOOOOOOOO!!! So excited for this ...

In fact, here's a gem from the archives, a post about an earlier season... My New Guilty Pleasure

I kid you not, this is the thing I may actually love more than shoes, chocolate, and that other thing.

Yes, it's that good!

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  1. how come all the "late-bloomer" girls had possessive BFs? doesn't that defeat the purpose of being a late-bloomer? can't they call these bitches, girls-on-leash?