Thursday, January 14

Hey you wishy-washy types: this is for you

If you are one of these people who considers yourself "easy-going", "flexible", and prone to say, "Whatever! I'm up for anything, how 'bout you decide".... Chances are, you are NOT as cool as you think.

Actually, everyone else finds this attitude annoying, and behind your backs, they are always reluctant to make plans with you because they realize a ten minute discussion about what to do tonight will not answer any questions, and everyone else will end up having to make a decision because you won't. Basically, your friends hate you.

So the following is for you... a FLOWCHART. In this case, to help you survive the tortuous process you likely endure when making a vending machine selection.

And hey, it's even got an international option, so all you wishy-washy types abroad can also avail of this tool!

It's a doozy, but it'll straighten you right out.

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