Monday, January 25

From the Archives: "This Kid Is AMAZING. His English, eh not so much."

UGH, what a yucky day.

Pulled this one out from the more recent archives because I heard "I'm Yours" over the weekend and immediately thought of this hysterical video.

And getting a good belly laugh this morning made me forget for a brief second that I got rained on and I hate walking around in damp clothes.


This Kid Is AMAZING. His English, eh not so much.

Talent abounding.  Maybe not his English, he sure does have mad ukelele skillz.THIS KID IS FREAKING AMAZING.

Either he's freaking amazing for picking up the ukelele and just playing like that.

Or he's freaking amazing because he does an incredible impersonation of me singing while drunk.

Either way, he's freaking incredible.

OK, so his lyrical interpretations leave something to be desired, but to his credit, he apparently doesn't speak any English. Quite impressive, huh?

That is exactly how I sound drunk. It's freakin' me out.

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