Tuesday, December 8

Gotta Love The Holidays

Big thanks to my friend Kristen, who was both kind and good-humored enough to let me post this gem from last Christmas.

What an image... it stayed with me a whole year that I felt compelled to share it with y'all this season.

I feel like laughing when I look at this, but at the same time cringing because I feel so bad for Kristen, imagining how stressful that had to be just trying to get that one "simple" picture to capture the memory of holiday joy.

Talk about a picture telling a thousand words.

In that case, feel free to share as many of yours... this is officially your place to kvetch, complain, or relive some of your least happy holiday moments.

Or, if you'd like to come up with your own caption to this pic, feel free. I may or may not have a prize to the one that really tickles my fancy (whatever it is my "fancy" is)


  1. Jamie Denezza12/08/2009 9:36 AM

    I have the perfect caption for this pic! A little corny but totally fitting.

    "Cheer up!It's Christmas for crying out loud!"

  2. Santa says: "Sorry kids, I'm not real"

    Don't worry,we all know that's not true!! :)

  3. Mom!!! He said no Elmo's this year!!!!

  4. We were good this year.... why are we on the naughty list???

  5. Least happiest holiday moment would have to be the time I left milk and cookies out for "Santa" on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day, I awoke to find the milk and cookies devoured and in their place was a "Thank You" card from Santa himself. I was so excited to get a card from Santa, I actually bragged to some of my friends about it. A few days later, my mother and I were getting a few things from the CVS near our house. As we were waiting in line, the "one-of-a-kind" card all the way from the North Pole signed by Santa Clause himself was staring me right in the face on a rack by the front counter. Actually, it wasn't just one card, it was at least a dozen of the same unbelievably "rare" card. Needless to say, my precious childhood belief in Santa was shattered instantly. However, what really peeved me was the fact my parents grabbed this card spur of the moment while they were at the check-out line with little to no thought that I might happen to stumble upon it just a few days after Christmas!I mean obviously I would have figured there was no Santa anyway..but alas, a few more years of that childhood innocence would have been nice...

    Way to go, mom and dad!!!

  6. Stanger danger!! stranger danger!!

  7. Aw Sara -- maybe Santa also has a rewards card at CVS! You gotta believe that the North Pole also got hit with this economic downturn!! lol Sorry for the trauma.

  8. Yes, your mom hooked up with Tiger Woods.

  9. WHAT? Theres no Santa?...Thanks Sara. lol