Thursday, November 5

You Go Girl? No way, Jose.

You.  YOU Go Girl.  Coz I ain't gonna do it! "A perfect stocking stuffer for active women, GoGirl allows the simple convenience of taking bathroom breaks standing up in situations where restrooms are unfit or nonexistent. "


Yes, this is an actual product. With an actual website.


It's only $6.99, but honestly when the instructions offer words like, "Don’t get discouraged if you dribble the first time or two", I really know for certain I will NEVER use this product.

And when I really try my hardest to think of why I may ever need this product, I call upon my twenty-seven years (or so) on this planet and think, "I've managed to address my urination needs on my own, aside from the early years prior to potty training".

I've gotten by not having to feel the apparent discouragement that goes along with dribbling on myself. In fact, I think my parents would be pissed that after all these years I may still be dribbing on myself -- it would break their hearts!!

I am also thinking of the millions of women throughout history, since the beginning of time, and how they must have struggled with these same female parts ... and I'm pretty sure they got by fine, too. Dribble or no dribble.

Am I missing something here? My feeling is, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go. And frankly, this mantra has never stopped me from doing what I need to do without the aid of this sort of tool.

I get the feeling this company's gonna tank unless they repurpose their product... a lid gripper? a pretty funnel (without a hole at the bottom, but that's an easy fix)? ear cups?

Oh, I don't know.

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  1. A friend of mine told me a story about how women who lived in a place far, far away from here would take care of their *business* without any assistance from a device; all they needed was a very long skirt. And no dignity.