Wednesday, November 18

Toni Ryan's Fast Cheap Christmas Solution #5

Wrap a huge, awkward present for ONE DOLLAR

Use a plastic table cover from the dollar store. This is good for gift baskets, kid's toys, or if you're just plain lazy and/or cheap. All the stuff you don't have a box for, not enough wrapping paper for, or simply don't want to have to buy special boxes or extra rolls of wrapping paper for. That kinda stuff.

Either use it the way you traditionally wrap a gift (hospital corners and all), or plop the gift in the middle and gather up the sides at the top then tie it all the gathered edges together with a ribbon. Or yarn. Or string. Or whatever.


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  1. this is such a good idea! I always have at least one gift that is big and awkward and dont know how to wrap it but this year I am going to try the table cover idea! Thankss

  2. Great idea...simple and easy! Perfect

  3. What a clever cheap Christmas idea. Every season I always ending up spending +$30 bucks on wrapping and the awkward shapes are always killer. The red is pretty seasonal too.