Tuesday, November 3

Who It Worse? Vol II

Another round of "Who It Worse?" ... with more dresses I don't get, and people I might not be able to identify even if they fell right on my head with a nametag wrapped around their face.

Gossip Girl vs. Khloe

Girl from Jersey vs. Jenny from the Block

Kourtney + Fetus vs. Canadian girl from 90210

Auntie Kim + Butt vs. Momma Kourtney + Unborn Belly

Three girls I don't know wearing the same dress.  Borrring!

Shakira vs. Pink... an old battle, but only interesting bc check out the pic below....

 Aussie Kylie Minogue of 'Locomotion' fame vs. Saucy & Sassy Shakira and her new face.  Seriously, did she have plastic surgery or something?

Homewreckin' Honkytonk Gal Leann Rimes vs. Drunky Stephanie Pratt of some reality soap

Some chick I don't know vs. a woman claiming to be Shakira

I think the most interesting battles here are the ones that involve a woman named "Shakira" who looks NOTHING like the butt-shakin' rump-rumblin' Shakira we've come to know and love (and continue not to understand... damn that's a thick freaking accent.)

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