Thursday, November 12

We Live in a Taylor Swift World. And I'm OK With That.

If there was ever one person in the world right now who should never get picked on, it's Taylor Swift.

Because messing with her is like taking on a sweet gal with a huge protective family. Which is how it seemed last night at the CMA Awards. It was like country music's opportunity to give Kanye the collective finger.

Here's some highlights from Taylor's big night at the show:

There is a cool little bit missing, when she thanked every single person in the room... for not rushing the stage.

Does it not seem like Taylor Swift is on top of the world right now? I'm almost scared for her that she will do something silly & stupid, like get caught speeding in a school zone. Or cutting someone on the deli line. And then this entire Taylor Swift bubble will explode, and the media will quickly turn on her (which they will, but I still hope it won't happen anytime soon).

You want one more reason to idolspise her? Apparently she skipped all the after show galas, and tweeted this:

"Just wrapped up a cereal party with my mom and dad at the kitchen table. What a night."

Oh, Taylor! Please don't F it up anytime soon, kid!

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