Monday, November 16

"Secret Diary of a Call Girl" No More!

That's Billie Piper.  She had a minor pop hit like a billion years ago.I was a fan of the Showtime's "Secret Diary of a Call Girl".

It was a dramedy based on the real-life blog confessionals by a mystery high-class call girl in London. Billie Piper, former wannabe popstar and actress from Doctor Who, played the main character Belle De Jour (yes, this was her pen name), and it was funny watching Belle get in and out of the kind of secret-life hijinx that would only befall an intelligent-cash-strapped-hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold.

I liked it a lot.

The best part is just this week... the real-life Belle De Jour has outted herself.

And get this, turns out she is a scientist researching cancer.

She took on prostitution to get through school. She couldn't take "the life of lies" any longer, and so she came clean. Yes, now that the show is over.

WTF... you coulda kept your trap shut, lady?

I think she could've gotten away with not saying anything, cashing checks for rest of her life, while finding a cure for cancer.

Now the excitement of the mysterious Belle De Jour is ... GONE! Just like that! Now it's no longer Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

It's more like the Real Life Journals Of a Doctorate Student Who Can't Afford School.

BOOOOO!!!!! I hate that title! Her guilty conscience just instanteously ruined the show!

(This trailer is "safe" to watch, but I should mention that the show itself is very much Rated R)

Great, now we know she's a real person who pulled this off... I wonder if anyone's still gonna bother filling out that wretched FAFSA form anymore.

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