Monday, November 30

If The Sticker On Your Car Still says 11, You're Pretty Much Screwed

My inspection month is November.

How I sometimes I forget this, I know not. Maybe it's the not-every-year thing that makes me forget, but I've endured many unfortunate Black Friday's that have fallen right on the end of the month.

And now it is Monday... already an inconvenient DMV day, and it is also the last day of the month.

Lucky for me, my ol' pal Kyle is my DMV informant and when I asked his opinion on camping out at the DMV on Friday instead of braving the malls, he said, "Absolutely not. Go now." That was last Tuesday at 3:15PM, and since I never question the wisdom of Kyle The DMV Informant, I was in and out in under twenty lazy minutes. Chillaxed. Texted. Boom, done.

But I know many of you are not lucky enough to have a Kyle The DMV Informant in your lives, so if you are reading this, you are probably packing a meal, a Harry Potter book, and something to pee in as you head down to your local inspection line.

For you, I would like to share this piece of good news:

The DMV's website has webcams at their inspection lanes. So you can (and always should) take a gander of what's going on out there. Just scroll the list of all the locations on the left side of the site, and find your DMV of choice. Then voila... current webcam footage.

I scanned thru all the current pics, and if you're planning on going this afternoon, I will now just tell you what you already know:

You're screwed.

Go ahead.  Click.  Get a closer look.  You're gonna cry.  Unless you're already inspected, then you're gonna laugh.(Go ahead, don't be shy. Look closely.)

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