Wednesday, November 25

Celeb Before & After's: Lips Doubling As Floatation Devices

Lisa Rinna, she of Infamously Inflated Lips, tweeted a pic of herself without makeup.

I don't know why she would choose to ruin everyone's Thanksgiving this way, but it got me thinking of celeb Before & Afters. I love looking at those things. Plastic surgeries, enhancements, bared of makeup, I love it all.

Here are a few notable Before 'n Afters, where collagen is concerned.

(Lisa Rinna herself was actually none too shabby when had normal person-size smackers)

OK, so I didn't really compile this myself, it was linked to the same page revealing this Lisa Rinna horror. Stay tuned, they also had fantastic before 'n after nose jobs!!

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  1. wow...NONE of the afters look better than the befores...