Monday, October 19

Whitney Houston'll sing the clothes off your back

I'm a let you finish.  Then you can deal with your wardrobe malfunction.She may not be the same Whitney Houston with the ridiculous hairpieces from I Wanna Dance With Somebody, but the girl can still sing.

I know people are mixed on the subject of Whit, but I still love her. Diva, through and through. So here's her performance from this wknd's UK's X-Factor, this infamous "wardrobe malfunction". The fun starts around 2:09... I just love her whatev reaction when she realizes the strap is hanging.

And like a total pro, I love that wouldbe-cocky Jersey-girl cool at the end when she looks at all the money all over the floor and says, "Yeah, it's all my money."

Hahahaha, LOVE IT.

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