Monday, October 5

What Would Lindsay Lohan Do

WWLLD... what would Lindsay do?  Cry.Ugh, I've never been so glad to NOT be Lindsay Lohan.

Teams with Ungaro for a fashion line... sure, maybe seems like a great career-shifting, possibly PR dream-come-true for a Lindsay Lohan who is always failing at winning us back over from those days as a British split screen child.

Girl got trashed!

Um... Pasties are so 1997.

... and uh, well, deservedly. Oops.

I think I actually almost feel bad for her. The debut got ripped apart by the critics, and apparently Lindz was near tears.

So, music didn't work out, the personal dramas are boring us, her familly irritates us, and now fashion hasn't worked either.

Anybody think a turn as a host of her own kitchen show on the Food Network might be Lilo's next best bee?


  1. Geez cut the girl a break already. She's trying to get her life back together and attempt to do something new. SO WHAT if she failed? Hasn't everyone made a few hundred mistakes in their lives? Hasn't EVERYONE tried something only to have it flop? So this time around her fashion flopped. Maybe she'll make something better next time. Maybe she'll produce another album. At least give the girl credit for trying and not staying down!!

  2. Yes everyone tries and fails, but there is an arrogance about her in general and she has a distorted view of her talent and skill set.