Tuesday, October 20

What Not To Get Me For Christmas


Anybody know if they make a bigger version of this?

Six thousand Lego pieces to fully equip you to build a Taj Mahal replica.

No thanks.

As fascinating as that seems, it sounds incredibly boring. Hahahah.

Don't get me wrong, I love a good jigsaw puzzle. I love word games, and all that other cerebral game-y stuff. But only the kind I can handle. See, I might be intelligent, but I'm not all that bright. I might kick butt at a word scramble, but Sudoku makes my brain hurt. I don't play games or engage in activities that make me feel stupid. Or lazy.

So any type of three dimensional puzzle is bound to get me cranky. I don't handle spatial activites very well.

If you know someone who might enjoy this bad boy -- i.e. my complete opposite -- it's available for $300.

What a bargain. After all, how much is a one-way ticket to India?

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