Thursday, October 29

The Smartwatch: at the very least, it better tell time!

Dude. Quit talking into your wrist, you look like a d-bag.
No longer a vision from our Panavision, technicolored sci-fi future... it's a Blackberry Smartwatch...

Say it with me:  Ooooh.  Aaaah.  Now repeat.

What is this, Blackberry for the Blind?!
Which should be the opposite of fun the first few months it hits the market, seeing how it's not from the RIM folks who make the Blackberry. It'll be aggravating and a joke for a while, then eventually when all the kinks get ironed out, everybody'll be talking into their wrists like the way superspies are supposed to communicate with headquarters, etc.

And we'll all also be scouring the magnifying reading glasses racks because none of us will be able to read the microscopic print of our favorite websites and emails.

We'll be able to talk into our wrists and we'll be blind. Yay. The future sounds great.

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