Wednesday, October 7

The site is called Zabasearch...

... in case you heard me talking about it and want the address.

It's It's a website that occasionally pops up on a Google search if you're ever looking up people's names. I don't exactly understand how it works, or how accurate it is, or if it's only tracking people who have clicked on a zabasearch link through Google (meaning, it can't track everything, only whoever looks for you through their site).

Sorry that wasn't quite helpful. I do, however, know two other things, though.

1. If, while you're running through the list of people who potentially stalked you, you attempt to click on the links on their page to see who would-be stalker is, or what exactly they might be looking at, you will basically be creating an additional event that the site will interpret as Someone's looking you up again, Toni Ryan. Basically turning you (me) into a cyberversion of a dog chasing its tail.

2. If you do attempt to Google today, please be advised that it is Happy Barcode Day, whatever the hell that means. Or perhaps, Barcode Appreciation Day. How do I know such joyous occasions?

Google, are you broken today?

Cmon Google, you know I don't read barcode.

I mean, certainly not as borderline-creepy as this was the other day, from certain angles:

I mean, honestly at first I didn't see the face, but then all of a sudden I was like, "What the...?! Is that a man's face in the 'G'? What is this, the anniversary of the back cover of Highlights magazine?... oh waitta sec... that ...kinda reminds me... of Oscar winning actor Ben Kingsley... COOL!"

So, on that note, Happy Belated Ben Kingsley Playing Gandhi Day, Merry Barcode Day, and for Godssakes quit Googling me.

I'm too busy today Googling the works of Ben Kingsley to be stalking you back.

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