Tuesday, October 27

Security Check... ?! It's not like it's Fort Knox!

Anybody ever posting anything worthwhile on pretty much any decent website -- specifically Facebook -- knows of the dreaded Security Check.

The interminable, occasionally challenging, additional clicks that go between your cyberbrilliance and infecting the world with it.

And I do appreciate it. Don't want any ol' hacker posting crap while disguised as you, and making you look like some person that thinks Acai Berries really will help you score tons of authentic Rolex watches and Cialis.

It's all good.

HOWEVER... it's just a freaking web page. Not Fort Knox. I'll play these little Security Check games. Like typing out squiggly words. Or squiggly words that don't make sense.

But I refuse to tolerate the following:

or worse:

What the hell is that?!

And why are you trying to prevent me from posting a picture of one of the Olsen twins with pie splattered all over her face?


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