Thursday, October 15

Remember Freezy Freakies?

Gosh, the Brits are so cool.

I wish I were that cool. Maybe if we all walked around using our horrible fake British accents it might make us cooler.

Check out this color-changing umbrella -- something that would've been nice to spruce up a crapy day like today. Oops, sorry. I meant colour changing umbrella. My bad.

Ooooh.... Aaah.... Without this colour-changing umbrella, how would you EVER know when it was raining out?!

Yuppers, it changes color -- ahem, colour -- when it "comes in contact with water". Well good thing, that, huh? 'Coz how would we know it's working, or if it's even raining to begin with without this useful tool??!!

Don't they remind you of those Freezy Freaky gloves they used to have out when we were kids? They turned all different colors in the cold? Yeah, but this is better, because it's actually an umbrella, rather than low-quality gloves that didn't really keep your hands warm.


  1. I remember Freezy Freakies. They weren't too bad in terms of the selling audience they had. I wanted a pair myself but didn't have a mom interested in buying them for me.

  2. thats a sick umbrella! want one!