Friday, October 9

Josh Hartnett is to South Korea like Hasselhoff is to Germany

Who knew Joshua (?) Hartnett had such a following?

Josh Hartnett masks -- all the rage.  Head not to scale.

"South Korean women wearing masks of U.S. actor Josh Hartnett wait as he holds a press conference to promote his move 'I Come with the Rain' during the Pusan International Film Festival in Busan, South Korea, Friday, Oct. 9. 2009. One of Asia's top film festivals opened Thursday by taking a lighthearted look at the South Korean presidency. (AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon)"

The masks are a bit scary. Is his head really THAT big?


  1. Josh has fans worldwide a example see these videos and pics in London last year in the play "Rain Man" full house everyday,with fans from different countries Uk,Russia,Spain,Germany, Italy, Usa, Mexico, Brazil...
    you are asshole Toni Ryan

  2. video Josh with brazil fan