Tuesday, October 6

I wanna be Betty Draper when I grow up

Well, I do, but I don't want the sketchy unpredictable hot hubby, the string of distinguishable older gentleman who make out with me at the drop of the hat, the bratty little daughter, and the slightly annoying whiny voice.

BUT, I do wish I was a gorgeous January Jones who rocks the Grace Kelly hair with the awesome chaise lounge in the middle of my family room, and clearly a huge house with a cool sister-girl for a housekeeper/nanny.

Oh, you can also axe the annoying "BFF" who looks alot like the deceased "Cutthroat Bitch" from "House". Or to not be the pathetic second banana wifey on Mad Men. But everything else, I'd love.

Some of my favorite Betty Draper moments:

AND THEN... Sunday night.

Betty & Don take Rome. And then she emerged with THE MOST RIDICULOUS HAIRDO...

That hot guy behind me is my husband, and we are role-playing like we don't know each other, but obviously we're together coz we're the most ridiculously good looking people here, duh.

... but then the longer I watched, I was like... OF COURSE Betty Draper could rock this look too. 'Coz she's HOT for a 50's housefrau. And frankly, the hair is less jarring, when you realize you get to go home with sexy DON DRAPER and he's your HUSBAND (even if he's a fraud, doing international travel on a fake passport, but whatev... identity theft hadn't been invented yet).

So, please amend above Betty-wishlist, and you can leave the redonkulous hair in there too.

(Here's an easy entry level way to learn more about Mad Men)


  1. She was quite hot in that silly do. I think that episode shows why she digs Don. She's in it for the fantasy of a so-called perfect life that Don is striving for. She's hiding behind her insecurity that the story line with her father brought out. I was pleased that she chose Don over Mr. Politically Connected Man. And that is Cameron from House as Francine. Took me about 5 episodes to figure it out after checking IMDB.

  2. I don't know if I want to be Betty Drapper all the time, but... Can you imagine that moment, in Rome, dressed like a godess, even the hair isn't for any human... Only her could have that hairdo. Your husband get to see how desired you are, and... your husband is nothing but... the super hot Don Drapper, who for sure is always hiding something... but who doesn't love a little mistery ? I would take Don as he is, misterious and a cheater. I would probably flirt a lot too, because I would be... Betty Drapper !!!