Thursday, October 29

For $140K, Charlize Theron better be a GOOD KISSER!

OK, so here are the highlights:

* Charlize Theron

* Charity auction

* $140,000

* Make out with the winning bidder

Here's the footage:


  1. Why is it that Charlize Theron gets a standing ovation for making out with a girl (which I think is gross) but the woman on the news gets arrested for wanting to make out for World Series Tickets (which I also think is wrong).

    This whole world seems to be about selling yourself in one way or another in order to get your minute of fame. And then we wonder why I have to counsel teens who come in pregnant and drug addicted. I love my job, but I would be happier if kids today didn't believe every stupid thing on MTV or the internet. I wish parents and other adults would teach kids to have respect for themselves. Sorry to sound so old-fashioned but I'm just fed up with this stuff. You want to raise money? Have a charity dinner or sell raffle tickets or something. Or better yet, donate some of the millions you have in the bank. Don't sell yourself. *Grumble*

  2. Well put, Anonymous. I wholly agree with you.

  3. Thanks!! I was afraid you were going to blast me like most other bloggers have. I love listening to you in the morning BTW. And your blog on Halloween def. made me laugh and yet its so true.