Tuesday, October 13

Buy A Better Backside

Work out no more, ladies!  Now you can STUFF YOUR UNDIES!!Amazing. What can't you buy these days?

Now you can buy your underpants with junk already built into the rear-end.

And they're available for you boys, too, who have a not-so-profound tush that you're none too proud of. Improvement is available for you too!!

Every style & color!  For boys AND girls!
Honestly, I only thought this was the kind of crap they sell in those catalogs that show up at my parents' house. The ones that also sell jigsaw puzzle carrying cases and special socks for your plantar fasciitis.

Hey, a hot, artificial tush shouldn't just be a well-kept secret to the AARP set!

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  1. #6 looks kind of ridiculous. I'm just saying.