Thursday, October 8

Am I the only person upset by the record-setting pumpkin??

How in heck do you carve a thing like this?!

From the AP:
"Jackson Township resident Christy Harp shows off her world-record 1,725-pound Atlantic giant pumpkin on in Jackson Township, Ohio. Harp took first place at the Ohio Valley Giant Pumpkin Growers annual weigh-off Saturday in Canfield. She won $2,500 and could claim the world title. Contest organizers say the entry topped the 1,689-pound record-holder grown in 2007 by Joe Jutras of North Scituate, R.I. (AP Photo, The Canton Repository, Scott Heckel)"

For real? Like, ok I guess it's impressive. But what do you tell your kid when they're like, "Hey mom, let's pick that pumpkin!"

"Nah... let's wait on that one and let it grow a little more."

OK, like what, let it grow for like ten years?! And what if -- God forbid -- while harvesting said ginormous pumpkin, it like, rolls over, and injures someone. Or worse, crushes someone to death?!

Then how the hell do you explain that one?! And who wants to be the person who gets crushed to death by a PUMPKIN?!

Ok, I must stop here. I get very worked up when thinking about killer produce.

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