Thursday, September 17

Jon Gosselin is no Shakespeare, clearly

OMG Can you imagine, Jon & THIS Nanny...? (cue the annoying laugh)"Whatever you do, don't fall in love with me ... because it's going to be impossible for me not to fall in love with you."

Hahahaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahahahahaah HAAAHAH ahahahahahahhaaaaaaaa

Oh goodness, give me a second to pull myself together.

Yes, according to The Hollywood Gossip, this sparkling gem is the line of caution Jon reportedly told his nanny. (Well, not his nanny, of course. The nanny to his eight-headed cash cow.)

This he said to her one of the nine -- count 'em, coz apparently she is -- nine times he was making the sweet love to the nanny in the comfy digs of the apartment above his mom & dad's garage. That's really impressive. Although, I guess... thinking back, if I were a 23 year old babysitter, maybe that statement might've swept me off my feet and straight onto the retro shag carpet, too. I mean, they did It nine times, for godssakes. They might as well be married.

Yes, nine times. (Feel free to repeat in your best Principal Ed Rooney voice.)

Jon Gosselin: it's bad enough I'm tired about hearing about you, and you're tired about us all talking about you, but for godssakes, at least try and lay low!

And if by laying low, it means keeping your pants zipped and your mouth shut, then so be it!

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  1. "Hahahaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahahahahaah HAAAHAH ahahahahahahhaaaaaaaa" - what a great laugh! I say we should use Jon's "whatever you do" line in the course of casual conversation whenever possible. Soon it will be right up there with the rest of history's classic quotes: "This was no boat accident" and "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn" and the ever popular, "9 times."