Monday, August 24

"My Friend's Husband Was Hitting On Me!"

I had to re-read this message like four times before I was certain I was not watching Jerry Springer....

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.... JERK! "Remember Gina from college? Her husband told me he wanted to sleep with me when I went to visit them the other day!!! He came down to where I was sleeping after she went to bed and was trying to kiss me and stuff!!!! OMG what a weird night!! Still debating on telling her or not...what do you think? Need some good old 'Toni' advice! HELP!! "

Holy cow! Yup, this message is from my friend Lisa, a girl who always knew how to cleverly get herself out of a bind, so by "good old 'Toni' advice" I think she is simply referring to the times I helped her get stains out of the carpet with a little baking soda & a toothbrush.

This is a classic case of "tell the friend, but be ready to not be friends anymore" versus "shut your mouth, and when their marriage disentegrates, you can finally tell her, but be ready to not be friends anymore".

Please please please share some of your own personal wisdom, gentle reader. I sincerely mean it when I tell you I am seeking a lot of input on this. Lisa is only one of my oldest friends because she is your classic fun-loving-girl-with-a-heart-of-gold types. I can't not have advice for her here, but don't know where to begin, so someone. Anyone.

PLEASE! Someone give me something to work with!!


Toni Ryan says: OK, The Christine Show has chimed in with her ususal blend of telling-it-like-it-is and an acute eye for the underlying "correct etiquette". Check out her pitch-perfect advice at


  1. some guys are such dogs

  2. Hahahah, so simple, yet so true. although i just wanna clarify, that said SOME guys.

    SOME guys, ok you men? calm down.