Wednesday, July 22

"Blood is thicker than water"

OMG, that phrase is pissing me off right now.
Like big time.

I have to endure a week long cruise to Alaska with my extended family, and right now approximately 1-3 of them are driving me bananas. I tried to get out of the trip, but now I'm trapped between duty and the impending guilt trip from my folks if I bag.
What would Caroline Manzo do?

Usually I feel very Caroline Manzo on this subject... I am fiercely loyal to a fault, but I think in my (old?) age, I'm learning to adopt a new policy: don't surround myself with people who make me feel unhappy and make me nutso in general. Whether or not they're related to me.

So blood may be thicker than water, but water's much better for you if the blood is treating you like crap.

That's my new mantra. Not very catchy, but I think in time, it'll take off.

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