Friday, October 24

Midnight Movies, good for little kids

We all know what opened up at midnight last night.

(I'll spare you actually saying the phrase I am already tired of hearing)

I don't get that. Why at midnight on a Thursday night? Isn't Friday still a school day? A mid-week late night showing for Sex & The City, that I get. But for HSM3???? Who is taking these kids at midnight? Are they even awake? Were they pounding back Red Bulls while doing their math homework yesterday afternoon? And how many kids were out "sick" today?

OK, despite that, I should mention that my mom used to let me take the train into the city* with my friends when I was in junior high. (*And since I grew up in Middlesex County, by "city" I don't mean Philly.)

yumm.Was just reminiscing with an old friend last week about how we had to lie to her parents just so she could come along on these unchaperoned jaunts into the city. Aaah, good times. Never for a second did I think that it might be a bad idea putting a 12-year old girl on a train with her girlfriends, unaccompanied.

It's so funny how everyone's got a different idea about what's good for kids. I'm ok with playing in dirt, eating snow, and biking without a helmet. I'm not ok with skipping breakfast, not washing your hands, and back-talking.

Scary how I am turning into my mother. (Minus the spam filter incident)

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