Friday, September 12

I think my mom is trying SWF me

That movie Single White Female still freaks me out. There was a moment this week when I thought my mom was trying to pull this on me. LOL, I'm kidding. Well sort of.

So, my mom is not at all into vanity. Just good about washing her face, wearing moisturizer with sunscreen, and doesn't wear too much makeup, and that's pretty much it. But the thing that as has always bugged me -- probably more so me than her -- is the pair of "11's" she's got on her forehead. We call them her "11's" because they are those two wrinkles at the top of her nose that I always see when she's mad. (Somehow, I'm the one person who is most familiar with them, go figure). They look like the number 11. When she's ticked off, they're pretty obvious. But as the years go by, they've just kinda stuck around. Hahaha, no, she doesn't look mad all the time, but depending on the intensity of the 11 I can tell what kind of mood she's in.

So, obviously, she was willing to humor me one day when we were talking the B word. Botox.

an itty bitty sting here, an itty bitty sting there, and POOF!  it's like magic There's this plastic surgeon in Langhorne (Dr. Brackup, supernice guy) with this fancy new facility at St. Mary's and my mom was curious enough to go for a consult. Long story short - she's been "enhanced" :) After a couple of informative chats with Dr. B, she decided to give it a try and take his recommendation on Botox and some fillers.

So - a little Botox + a little Perlane, and she looks awesome. It's hysterical actually, bc I don't think my dad knows she had anything done. And that's a good thing! The biggest worry was that she'd look like this one family friend (who shall remain unnamed) who basically looks like a completely different person after a couple lifts and tucks. The fact that mom's results so far have been so subtle and natural looking, no one has said anything about her looking "different". BUT when you look at the before & after, it's like WHOA -- who knew a little here and a little there could make someone look so well rested! And no more 11!

(Side story, apparently she was pissed at me the other day, and she had to tell me how mad she was because I had no idea. ROFL. So much for the "mad face".)

And aside from her "looking" happier and more pleasant -- I think that doing this little thing has actually made her happier. I've caught her checking herself out in the mirror a couple times now. So funny! I don't think I ever woulda put "my mother" & "plastic surgeon" in the same sentence but there it is. My mother checking herself out all the time is also more comedy.

Well... I kept thinking, man there are so many things I'd always wanted to know about doing this kind of stuff, so I will share with you what I've learned:

  • Botox is for wrinkles caused by muscles. Scowling at me for thirty+ years has made the muscle in my mom's forehead sit in this stiff "11" position.

  • Perlane & Restalyn (spelling?) are fillers... some wrinkles aren't bc of muscles, i.e. the laugh lines around the mouth.

That's the basics. I learned a ton more too bc I asked a ton of questions... I'm like an expert, sort of. LOL.

Anyhow, I will be tagging along to her next follow-up... anybody got any questions you want me to ask Dr. B? Hey, I figure getting little facial enhancements are the kind of thing people are curious about, so by all means, if there's something you want me to find out, let me know.

p.s. When I say that doing this has made my mom happy, she actually said to me "Maybe I'll end up looking like you." What a funny little compliment.... until I was like, hey! What she's getting at?? I better watch my back.

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