Tuesday, August 5

The first channel I always check

I just realized this. Every time I flip on the TV, the first channel I flip to is TLC.

I'm not sure why.

I think I go in phases. For a long while years ago, I was bingeing on QVC and HSN, so the first channel I'd automatically flip to was always a channel with phone numbers and prices crawling across the bottom.

Let's see if there's anything good on the Lazy & Bored Channel....After that, there was also a time when it was always E! because it was the first channel listed under my pre-set "favorites".

I wonder if a person's "first channel" says something about them as a person....

For a while, I was a recovering shopaholic...

Then I was celeb gossip hound...

And now... I guess I'm just SO full of TLC. <-- Hah.

OK, weak theory.

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