Thursday, July 31

Peanut Butter for breakfast

I heard the Wake Up Crew the other day talking about feeding a kid cereal for dinner. Hah! Good thing I am not a parent, especially when I say that I am eating peanut butter for breakfast.

I had two huge spoonfuls of peanut butter.

Yeah?? So what about it!?!?!

Hahaha see, so it should not shock you when Toni Ryan says crazy things like, "I need to go on a veggie & fruit juice fast." I admit it, sometimes I have a really terrible diet, but I knew I needed a little protein fix or I get loopy by lunchtime.

So spoon & jar of peanut butter to the rescue. And yes, I'm eating straight out of the jar right here in the studio.

I know C. Everett Koop is rolling around his grave right now with his basic food groups pyramid. (is he alive?)

So, I guess it's not that horrible.

Although, I can still top certainly that: I have in the past also had a cheesesteak & Doritos for breakfast before.

Now, can you top that?

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