Friday, June 20

"T" as in "Toni"

Today's PST Personal Playlist belonged to a gal named Georgette Shamyer, or as I pronounced it on air, "Georgette SHAY-meyer". She was kind enough to call to say thanks for playing her list, which is when I realized it was "Georgette Sham-Yer". Just like it's spelled. Hahahah, that's a shame, sorry Georgette!

That got me to thinking about how when we introduce ourselves to people, or in places where someone has to call your name (doctor's office, DMV, etc.) where they mis-pronounce your name and you have to correct them. Then you have to decide, "Is it worth correcting this person?". I find that girls named Andrea (as in the ANN-dree-YAHs and the On-DRAY-yahs of the world) are always quick to correct you when you get it wrong --- cut me some slack ladies, that one is tricky!

I'm curious to know how the rest of you handle it... let me know if got some clever way of doing it without embarassing the other person. I could use a handy tip.

What about when you're spelling your name for someone? What do you use? First names? Things? Don't you feel like there are the usual standbys...? Like "C, as in 'cat'." Or "B, like 'boy'." Sometimes I get stupid when I'm spelling stuff out for other people, and I can't think of words that start with that letter, and then plain nonsense comes out of my mouth. Case in point: "Edgewater? It's spelled E... D, like David... G, as in... gaah... geeeh.... Generosity." I'm such an idiot.

When I took Italian in college, they taught us, that in Italy, they use the names of Italian cities when spelling for other people. Like if we did it here, we'd say: "M as in Manhattan... T like Tampa..."

I don't know if I like that. I'd be stumbling thinking of geography while I'm trying to spell.... gah, too much multi-tasking. I mean, this is totally me just spelling my own name: "It's Toni. That's T like ... like... Toni. .... O.... as in Oh!... N like Nancy... I. Y'know. I."

Yeah, real smooth.

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