Thursday, May 22

OK i lied, i have no new lost theories

i'm actually just fishing for you to thoughtfully share your LOST theories, bc let's face it, i'm too lazy to do my own thinking.

i do have one set of theories (again, shaped largely from someone else's theories) --- it's a whole impressive thing about the TIME MACHINE theory. it will hurt your brain, but simultaneously blow you away. prepare for a major migraine, but totally worth it.

so here are my lost questions that i've been thinkin' up in my little noggin:

1) CLAIRE'S BABY AARON: what is the significance of aaron? why was he meant to get off the island and not be raised by "those people in los angeles" and also not meant to be raised by jack? is he like supposed to be the second coming or something? think it's something to do with being a descendant of christian shepard (jack's dad)?

2) CLAIRE: is she alive? (on island time, that is)

3) LOCKE: in the flashback where his mom shows up to tell him about his dad in need of a stolen kidney, what happened next to the mom? anyone remember?

4) THE COFFIN: remember when we saw the first flash-forward last season? now we know who's in the Oceanic 6, anyone think it might be Sayid in the coffin?

5) .... ok that's about all my brain can push out right now. sorry for the abrupt ending there, i need some advil.

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