Friday, May 30

10:50AM the next day, still thinking about LOST!

"LOST: Who's your daddy?"

came up with this new idea, bc there's been a lot of importance placed on christian (jack & claire's dad) and widmore (penny's dad), who we know now is pals with sun's dad.

here it is: is there a significance on each character's relationship with their dads??

  • jack = christian is a creep alcoholic
  • claire = again christian is a creep womanizer
  • locke = his dad stole his kidney. quick call 911.
  • sawyer = dad was killed by locke's dad
  • penny = hates her dad - the big evil guy
  • ben = killed his dad, must've hated him
  • alex = ben is NOT her dad and she kinda hates him
  • kate = killed her step-dad, obv hates him
  • sun = her dad's an evil sob too and she hates him.
  • jin = his dad was poor, jin always felt bad for blowing him off (was it resolved?)
  • hurley = his dad is a loser, but a nice guy, plus he's cheech for godssakes. and they reconciled all that.

and anyone remember who is the father of claire's baby?

ok, i need to let my brain rest for a few. talk amongst yourselves.

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