Friday, December 14

Of course! Kitty Litter to the rescue, and more!

I love a good tip. Like a clever "handy tip" you find in those quickie blurbs in magazines. I pretty much love hearing tips on any subject, health & beauty, money, cooking, sports even! Short-cuts or clever ways to get around things always seem to appeal to me, like "Look! We got one over the system! YESSSS!"
So big thanks to Newman, who left the latest issue of Budget Travel laying around the studio... they have this regular feature of 20 Tips, and there were some pretty cool finds in there....

10. Drier goods The next time you accidentally leave your cell phone in your pocket when you wash your pants or soak your iPod while you're jogging in the rain, don't open, start, or plug in the gadget. Instead, bury it in gel-type kitty litter for 24 hours. The litter will absorb all of the moisture and dry out the device. Barbara Dunn-Alfinito, Fishkill, N.Y. "

HULLO?! Love it! How 'bout this other gem:

16. Finders beepers An audible electronic key finder--the kind that emits a loud beep or a ring when activated--can be a godsend when you travel. Keep the small remote locator on you, and put the receiver disc in your luggage, handbag, camera case, etc. You can press the locator button to help thwart a thief trying to steal your bag. And, of course, the device can help you find your keys. James Pennington, Portland, Ore."

Hah! Now no more shame over such gadgets on QVC. Not like a little beeping is gonna freak out would-be thief, but frankly if I were purse-snatcher, random beeping would immediately make me think I'd nabbed an exploding handbag.

So if you've got handy tips, send 'em along, I love learning new ones as much as I love passing them along to you.

And don't just send to me! The folks at Budget Travel would love to hear them too: if they publish one, you'll score a free year- subscription to the mag.

And that's my handy tip to you.

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