Thursday, November 8

Want straight teeth. Will dig through trash.


Apparently threw my Invisalign trays in the trash, balled up in a napkin, I'm thinking sometime after lunch. I'm not sure. I'd probably remember better, if I'd remembered to have eaten dinner on time, therefore eaten lunch on time, therefore remembering to brush my teeth, and therefore remembering to pop the dang things in 12 hours before realizing they're missing.

Did you follow all that?

It was midnight when I decided to hit the sack, exhausted, with barely enough energy to brush my teeth and pop the buggers back in. I'd already neglected them all day (they're supposed to be in like 20-22 hours a day). And sure enough, when I looked in the pocket of my bag where I usually toss them in carelessly, they were NOT THERE. Because, of course they were either inside an empty frozen dinner tray in the kitchen trash at the office, balled up with a dirty Lysol wipe in the trash in the studio, or in the bottom of an empty styrofoam cup in the trashcan next to the copier.

Whatever. Point is, the cleaning peeps at the station are SO good at their job. At midnight, I knew it was pointless to hightail it back to work with a mag lite and some rubber gloves - that trash ship had sailed.

Luckily, with Invisalign you wear the same tray for 2 weeks at a time, then you move on to the next set of trays (they look like teeth whitening thingys, but they fit your teeth like a glove, and sometimes hurt like heck). I'm the middle of one set of trays, and I had a whole other week to go. I had no option but to FORCE the new ones on. And FORCE, I did. DAMN GINA!

Finally popped two prescription painkillers (NON NARCOTIC, EVERYBODY) before I clamped my teeth down in agony and forced myself to bed.

It's 20 hours later and my teeth still hurt like a bitch, but this is the price I am paying for straight teeth, and not having to get up in 20 degree weather in the middle of the night to drive a half an hour to dig through trash that might've ended unsuccessfully anyhow.

Plus, I read that new trays could cost like $200-250. Apiece.

And to think, just yesterday morning, Dentist Guy was giving me mad props for being on target with the invisalign sched because of my dental diligence! Maybe I was floating on a cloud of orthodontic-my-sh!t-don't-stink attitude, and that's how I forgot!

Well, silver lining.... silver lining.... Oh I know, the road to straight teeth is now one week shorter. Grrr. Still 6 months away and my teeth frigging hurt right now!

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