Tuesday, June 21

From The Archives: Summer Solstice

Damn, my arm hurts like a bitch still.

Got up so freaking early to go get my teeth cleaned, and they feel silkyfabulous. Well, they felt silkyfabulous. I was so damn tired I needed coffee and now the teeth feel sub-par again. Damn damn damn zzzzzzzzz....

OK, awake again. First day of summer, and a teeth cleaning (which means six months from now on the first day of winter I will have silkyfabulous teeth again).

By the way, I know I toy this this idea time and again, but for now I'm staying with Great Dentist Stupid Office. I just like them way too much despite the fact that the folks in the business office make tons of mistakes. Hygenist Kelly is still on maternity leave, and I was determined to not be happy with her sub, but she was great too and even coaxed me into not feeling so bad that I was thirty and childless. Dentist Pith Helmet wasn't in, and he likes to push my teeth around (to see if they move. I wonder if that's how they teach you in dental school. "Teeth move, bad. Teeth no move, good."), so I got Dr. Nice Guy, the namesake of their dental practice ("Nice Guy , Pith Helmet, and the other guy").
I was confused because Dr. Nice Guy was on semi-permanent leave when I first started going there -- my mom said he'd had a stroke or something. But this morning, there was this fully able handsome man in my mouth. He was great. He didn't push my teeth around and made careful observations and shit. "Is there a full frontal x-ray in there, aside from the left bitewing?" It was nice getting a full-over treatment. Don't get me wrong, I like Dentist Pith Helmet just fine, but Dr. Nice Guy was awesome. I told him he couldn't remove any more wisdom teeth, and he said fine. Yay, I won.

So all over, happy with my bi-annual visit. I'll be back in December. I'll keep y'all posted.

In the meantime, need to figure out how to power-nap at my desk without leaning on my tetanus-shot arm.