Thursday, August 3

Ten million, Strong & Growing. Sort of...

... ten million hair follicles, that is. OK, maybe it's not that many.

See, in the radio world, word on the street was that a daily tab of this stuff would make your hair grow faster. I had to know if this news would be useful, but now I just needed the proof. Heck, I was game.

So, does it work? Hard to say actually. I've been on the Flintstones Complete (red bottle) regimen for a solid month, and what I can report to you is that yes my hair has grown.

Has my hair grown more than it usually would have in the span of a month? I don't think so. But hey, if it doesn't work, at least I got my daily dosage of Vitamin C and Riboflavin (well, my correct dosage if I was a thirty pound toddler).

Well, heck, they're still tasty and fun to nibble.

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