Friday, July 7

Toe Scrunch Be Gone!

Yes, as grody as it sounds, there is such a thing as Toe Scrunch. According to the website of Foot Petals, the makers of the product-du-jour:

Stop feet from sliding forward! Stop ugly overhang & toe scrunch!

I'm in! Sell it to me! WAIT, first of all what the heck is it??

Guys, if you believe in the power and allure of the Strappy Summer Sandal, then you will also believe in the power and ergonomics of Tip Toes. The best shoe cushion out there. Perfect for those revealing little numbers that don't allow room for traditional notsexy orthotics. And most importantly, it keeps your toes from draping over the front edge of your shoe, forcing you to compensate by crunching up your toes (a pretty ugly look if we're going to be honest here). And, they're shaped just like pretty little petals to boot. Hi! Nominee for the Cute Awards!

Tone's Tips for Tip Toes:

  • Don't remove the adhesive backing until you've figured out where exactly you want it to go in the shoe. Do a test run, put down the Tip Toe and stick your foot in, and make sure the petals aren't showing.
  • Always start with a clean shoe. Just wipe out any nasty residual foot crud to maximize the adhesive. 3M does not make crap quality adhesive, but I doubt they tested the strength of their product in the laboratory-like conditions of the inside of your shoe. And these babies'll stick, believeyoume.

Trust me, you'll fall in love. They are so tiny and deceptively effective. They provide as much cush as their thicker, jellier counterparts. You'll want to buy plenty. I've gotten mine through Foot Petals website direct, which is a potential money problem once you start checking out their other products (save that for another day). I've also maximized my rewards cards to buy Tip Toes through Newport News (saving that for another day too).

BUT, gentle reader, good news I've just discovered while researching the Tip Toe: The Targe carries a full line of Foot Petals products! Hurrah! No shipping and handling! No wait time necessary!

Run out now and get your Tip Toes. But don't run if you've got toe overhang. You might hurt yourself.

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